About MTCC

The Middle Tennessee Carriage Club was established April 13, 1993 and incorporated January 14, 2002. The MTCC is a nonprofit corporation.

The Purpose of the Club is:

  • To promote the sport of driving horses and ponies to carriages, both competitively and for pleasure. 
  • To educate current and prospective drivers in techniques of safe and fun carriage driving.
  • To organize driving events and to facilitate the organization of driving events by others, including the rendering of technical assistance to event organizers and the publishing of event calendars.
  • To be a medium through which carriage drivers may meet other drivers in this area to swap ideas and be supportive of each other.
  • MTCC has members from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia.

Board of Directors:

Kate Bushman, president kate4055@yahoo.com

Jane Hoffman, vice president jane_hoffman@yahoo.com

Jane Muir, secretary nanadrives@comcast.net

Ardeth Obenauf, treasurer lazyao@united.net

Rebecca Jones mrebeccajones@gmail.com

Claire Root claire@toddyhollow.com

Earl Burkett